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Following are photos of unusual and a few typical whitetail bucks:

Brian borrowed a bow then got in his stand. Five minutes later...whammo! Congrats to Brian Busian of Stillwater, MN on his first ever deer.

Monsters in velvet...

2010 and 2011

Mel Elliott of Markville MN nailed this dandy ten pointer right at dusk.

Unicorn Buck

Warped Antler

Killed Oct. 2011 by bow hunter near Pipe WI. 15 points, 22 3/8 inside spread. Rough gross measure is 200 inches. Could beat current typical whitetail record for archery of 187 5/8.


Chicken Foot - Kick Stand Buck

Fifteen year old Lucas Clark of Northport Maine killed his first buck - a freak triple beam 20 pointer. Green scored 194 inches.


The Biggest Buck of 2011?  Mystery Shrouds 200-Inch Swamp Buck

What kiiled this 200-inch swamp buck?

The story that goes along with the email is that the buck was allegedly found dead this spring behind a rural Walmart in northeast Wisconsin.  Local hunters had pictures and sheds from this buck a few years ago, and then it just disappeared.  Now they know where it went.  But how did it meet its demise?

Most estimates put the nontypical rack at well above 200 inches.

Too bad the hunters didn't get a crack at the deer during hunting season.  Fewer than two percent of all Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young certified entries score more than 200 inches, so the the 200 Club is a very small, but elite group of hunters.

Buck shot by Thomas Holler, Exeter Missouri in 2010. Scored 257 and might be a new Missouri State record.

Buck Shedding Velvet

3 x 6 - truly unique.

Dog Eared Bucks


Mystery Buck - found dead in a creek

Thick Mass Whitetail

Cracked Skull Seven Pointer

Tall and Narrow

Whitetail Deer... Really?

Crab Claws

Montana Whitetail

Seven and 1/2 Pointer

Shed found shortly after being shed.

Nine point shed found in southern Minnesota.

Buck found dead in North Dakota.

Symmetrical Eight Pointer

Trophy Buck found dead after the hunt in North Dakota

Twisted and Weird

World-class eight-point buck poached, Halloween 2009, MN
Major Rod Smith, DNR Enforcement operations manager, holds the rack believed to be the largest set of eight-point antlers ever measured.
The accused poacher pled guilty to three charges; forfeited the rack, was sentenced to one year in jail, and $2,083. in fines.


Lotsa Racks - 2009 Wisconsin

Jenna's first buck - 2009 Minnesota